In order to continue to provide our clients with the quality of service they deserve, we unfortunately are not able to take any new clients for the remainder of this tax season. Thank you

A Hybrid Tax Season

We will be having another ‘hybrid tax season.’  This is because there can be variations to how we work with each of you this year. With COVID effecting the way people gather, we have had to adjust our practices.

We are asking again this year that you consider dropping off your documents before we make your tax appointment. Once the preparer has had a chance to prepare an initial tax return, he/she will reach out to you to make your appointment. If we are meeting in person, this will limit the amount of time we all have to be in a room with our masks on. If we are meeting via zoom, it will make for a better discussion and review. We want to continue the practice of meeting with you, and this seems like the best solution. Whether in person or via zoom, we look forward to seeing you! Of course, if you prefer to just drop off and have a preparer contact you for a telephone review, that is an option as well. I will leave that up to you and your preparer.

For those of you with rental property or the self-employed, please include your income and expense list. Please feel free to jot down any questions or concerns along with any notes or comments for your preparer.

Please include a Returning Tax Client Drop Off Sheet or a New Client Drop Off Sheet.  Each of these sheets are available below or at our office.  These information sheets help to assist your tax preparer with any changes prior to your meeting.

New Clients should include a copy of both their 2019 and 2020 tax returns.

We invite you to drop off your tax packages at the office or by using our website client portal again this year. If you are dropping by the office during our regular business hours, you are welcome to come in and leave them with the front desk. If we are not open when you stop by, or if you prefer no direct contact, feel free to leave your package in our black lock box located on the front railing. This box is emptied first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Please remember to include your client drop off sheet. These sheets will also be available at our office.

Our client portal is a secure space located on our website to upload your tax documents. Once your folder is established, you can transfer documents back and forth with your tax preparer. If you do not already have a folder, please email info@ajefinancial.com and request one. If you have one from a previous year, it is still available to you.

Be sure to include;

  • Proof of health insurance-remember to include proof of health insurance with your tax documents indicating your health insurance coverage for 2021. While not an issue for the feds, this remains a required reporting for the state of MA. This form 1099-HC is issued by your insurance provider and not your employer.
  • If you purchased your health insurance from the MA Marketplace, you will be looking for a form 1095A and the IRS will be looking for it from you.
  • Third Stimulus IRS letter 6475-please pay special attention to your mail as anyone receiving a third stimulus check will be receiving a tax document or letter from the US Treasury indicating what amount you received.
  • Advanced Child Tax Credit payments IRS letter 6419

Returning Client Organizers can be emailed to you upon request at info@ajefinancial.com. In addition to an overall tax questionnaire, this organizer pulls information from your prior year return such as wage, retirement, bank, and dividend income sources. It can be a helpful reminder to ensure you have received everything you need to get your taxes prepared.

Lastly, I ask you to wait until you have all your tax documents together before dropping off or uploading to our portal if possible. I receive an email each time someone uploads documents to the client portal so by uploading all your items at once, it limits my notifications and could help me limit my time retrieving them. Of course, it is understandable that you may need to upload on more than one occasion so although I do not want to discourage anyone, I just ask that you keep me in mind when doing so.

Please, feel free to browse our website to see the services we offer as well as the many helpful resources we provide. When you are ready to learn more about what we can do for you, we encourage you to contact us.

RETURNING Clients Drop-Off Sheet